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Fourth International Airport of Kerala

06, January - 2018.

Kannur Opens the Fourth International Airport of Kerala

With the opening of Kannur International Airport, Kerala will be the only State in India to have four international airports with the others being at Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode.

Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL), expected to serve more than 1.5 million passengers annually, is all set to begin trial flight operations in January and become fully operational by September 2018.

With a runway suitable for operating Code E aircrafts, like Boeing B-777 and Airbus A-330, the airport will later be extended for operations of Code F aircrafts, like Airbus A-380. The airport will have a parking bay which can accommodate 20 Boeing-737s and several smaller aircraft. The airport will be able to handle 2,000 passengers at a time.

KIAL is likely to change the face of north Kerala especially in tourism and business activities, like handloom and textiles. Besides the northern districts of Kerala like Wayanad, Kannur and Kasaragod, the popular tourist destinations in the neighborhood such as Coorg and Mysore in Karnataka will also benefit greatly.

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